Pharmaceutical Equipments

Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine (Hand Operated)


Our Filling units are self contained proportioning pumps designed for dispensing preset volumes of fluids with a high degree of accuracy.


  • Fill any flow able liquid product with accuracy to +- 1%
  • Fill range: 50ml- 250 ml syringe capacity.
  • Fill capacity: up to 15 fills per minute maximum
  • Fill from floor level reservoir or pressurized source optional sanitary construction meets the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) of the pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries.
  • Easily and rapidly dissembled minimizes downtime.
  • These models are available for filling any liquid or semi liquid that will flow through a tube, including problem materials such as molten materials, suspensions, corrosive chemicals and products containing a high percentage of particular matter.

These units are available with product contacting parts fabricated of type 303 or 316 stainless steel




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