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Vitrectomy Lens Set

This vitrectomy lens system comprises of a set of contact lenses (with concave contact surface) and a ring to hold the contact lenses in position. The main advantage of this system is that it minimizes the dependence of a well-trained assistant. The set comprises of the following lenses.
  • LR - Silicon ring
  • LR1 - Stainless steel ring with two notches
  • LR2 - Stainless steel ring with two struts
  • L1 - Central Fundus lens (Plano)
  • L2 - 20 Degree Prism lens
  • L3 - 30 Degree Prism lens
  • L4 - Magnifying lens
  • L5 - Wide field lens
  • L6 - Biconcave-90 D lens
  • L7 - Prismatic biconcave lens



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