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It is a piece of equipment used by orthoptists who specialize in dealing with eye squints and binocular single vision. The synoptophore can help to measure the angle of the squint present i.e how big it is and you can measure the angle in different position of gazes. it cam also be use to measure vertical and torsional deviations.

All the standard measurements and treatments are possible on this instrument including assessment of the angle alpha, the objective angle, abnormal retina correspondence, cyclophoria, hyperphoria and horizontal vertical vergences. An automatic flashing unit allows each eye to be stimulated alternately or simultaneously.

Manual flashing switches and independent dimming rheostats are provided as standard. After images are achieved by using high intensity halogen light sources and condensing systems. A pair of removable Haidinger's Brushes motor units are included, which allows the user to employ pleoptic techniques to assess and treat eccentric fixation and abnormal retinal correspondence


Horizontal : Adduction + 50deg

Abduction - 40 deg

Vertical : Hyper 30 deg

  Hypo 30 deg

Torsional : Incyclo 20 deg

Excyclo 20 deg



By rheostat controlled 6V lamp for each slide. After image illumination by 6V lamp



Auto flashing of slide illumination either simultaneously or alternatively in rapid & variable modes



Five modes of slide illumination namely Normal, Flashing Right, Flashing Left, Flashing R+ L & Auto flashing can be selected by a single selector knob.



Longitudinal: 30.3 cms
Lateral: 25.5 cms
Vertical: 36.5 cms
Weight: 20 kgs

Power Supply: 220 V AC / 110V (on request)



A set of slides 10 pairs, One power cord, One dust Cover, Spare 6V bulbs (2 nos)

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