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SLIT LAMP is an Ophthalmic Equipment, which is being used in the diagnosis of eye diseases like cataract, myopia and other. Our slit lamps are precession engineered and provide accurate performance



  • Eye Pieces : 10x and 15x
  • Stereo Angle : 12.3
  • I.P.D. Adjust. : 52mm to 90mm
  • Total Magnification (with 10x): 6x, 12x, 24x
  • Dia. of Visual Field: 36mm, 18mm, 9mm
    Total Magnification (with 15x): 9x, 18x, 36x
  • Dia. of Visual Field: 21mm, 14mm, 7mm


  • Maximum Slit Width : 0 – 8mm
  • Maximum Slit Length : 0 – 8mm
  • Fixed Diaphragm : 0.4mm Dia.
  • Working Distance : 80mm
  • Maximum Slit Rotation : +90degree
  • View Height : 375mm
  • Tilting Illumination : 5, 10, 15, 20
  • Slit Illumination : 2,00,000 Lx (Maximum)
  • Halogen Lamp : 6V, 20W Pre-Focused
  • Filters : Red Free, Cobalt Blue, Heat-Absorbing


  • Longitudinal Movement : 95mm
  • Lateral Movement : 105mm
  • Fine Base Movement : 10mm
  • (with Co-axial joystick)
  • Vertical Movement : 32mm






  • Vertical Movement : 100mm Adjustable
  • Fixation Target : Luminous Target
  • Red LED


  • Input (primary) : AC 220V / 110V
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Output (secondary) : Main Bulb 2.4v, 6.0v
  • for Brightness levels
  • Power Consumption : 26V A


  • Table Model : 560 x 407mm
  • Unit Model : 375 x 335mm
  • Weight : 21kg


Testing Rod, Mouth Shield, Spare Bulb, Screw Driver, Dust Cover.

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