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LED Dental Loupe




LED Dental Loupe 3.5x, with Working Distance of 300mm approximately.. We are providing Dental Headlights with Dental Loupes. Unique design enables headlight adjustment from side to side and from straight down and upward positions.

Economical priced headlight with standard 1Watt LED illumination. These new generation quality head light illuminate perfectly the examination area in every situation.

Long life LED Lamp provides bright and natural light.Standard Light Spot of 40mm approx. Working Distance of 300mm approx. Convenient Focusing sleeves for uniform quality illumination. Glamorous adjustable plastic Head-Band with lock. 

It is Light Weight Handband, which is comfortable to examine the patients.

This headlight has rechargeable Battery Attachment, continuous working up to 3hrs. You may also use this Headlight while Recharging.

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