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We are one of the prime Keratometer Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India. We offer premium quality Keratometer, which is specially designed for the standard manual measurement of corneal curvatures. Measuring both major and minor meridians of the concave surfaces for contact lens fittings, our Keratometer helps research and study operations.

  • Measures both major and minor curvatures
  • Height can be managed for efficient positioning of the patient
  • Engraved focusing scale
  • Co incidence focusing system
  • Single position measurement for variable meridians


  1. Type : Bausch & Lomb
  2. Objective : Achromatic
  3. Eye Piece : 15x
  4. Diopter Adjustment Scale : 7D
  5. Corneal Radius of Curvature: 6.4 ~ 9.5mm (0.5mm steps
  6. Corneal Refractive Power: 52~36D(0.25D steps):
  7. Axis of Corneal Antigmation: 0 ~ 180deg. (5 steps)
  8. System : External Reading System
  9. Illumination: 15W Bulb
  10. Head and Chin Rest : Adjustable Occluder
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