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Ishihara Color Test Book
Ishihara’s Color perception test books are recognized internationally as highly reliable method of determining color deficiency. With normal color perception, the images and numbers will all be visible. Each color test plate in this hard bound.

Book is specially printed to measure incrementally higher color sensitivity and specificity.

Popular and efficient test for red/green color vision deficiency

Quickly differentiates between congenital and acquired defects

Books available with 38 plate, 24 plate, and 14 plate editions.





What Number do you See?


Normal vision should read the number 15.

Red-Green deficiency should read the number 17.

Total colour blindness should not read any number.

Ishihara color test: A person with color blindness could still see the number 12 in (A), but could not see the number 7 in (D). A person with red-green colorblindness could not see the number 8 in (C). A person with deuteraopia can see the number 3, and a person with protanopia can see the number 5 in (B), but only someone with no color blindness could clearly see the number 35.

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