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Irrigating Vitrectomy Lens Set

Biconcave Irrigating Vitrectomy lens (-90D)
It is designed to view the fundus in air-filled phakic and pseudophakic eyes. This lens has a refractive power of -90D, a field of view of 24 degree.

Magnifying Irrigating Vitrectomy Lens (Plano/-45D)
This lens is designed to visualize the structures deep in the vitreous in phakic & pseudophakic eyes. The lens has a 36 degree field of view.

Wide field Irrigating Vitrectomy Lens
This lens is designed for wide angle viewing of phakic, fluid filled eyes during vitrectomy. The lens helps in visualization of the posterior and peripheral fundus in phakic and aphakic eyes. It is also useful in endolaser of peripheral fundus.

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