Gynecology Instruments


Our Colposcope is commonly used by Gynaecologists for directly visualization of vulva, vagina and cervix in addition to other areas. It is very flexible and can adjust the binocular eye pieces to get a fine focus.




Tilting Adjustment : 30° Upward ,30° Downward
Working Range (Fine Focusing) : 50mm
Lamp : 15V / 150W, 24V / 250W
Total All-Inclusive Weight : 22 Kg.
Filter : Red Free Green


Eye Piece : 15x, 12.5x
Objective Lens : 200mm, 300mm, 400mm
Field Of Vision : 32mm



Continuous Zoom : 5x to 25x

Ross Slide : 50mm
Light Source : Halogen Fibre Optic. Single or Double Outlet



1. Beam Splitter With CCD Camera Adapter
2. CCD Camera

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