Pharmaceutical Equipments

Capsule Filling Machine, 100 Holes (Hand Operated)


Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule Filling Machine has been designed to provide first hand information to students that how the capsule are fitted with the medicinal powder.

Main Body made of heavy iron and all contact parts made of brass richly plated or stainless steel. Handle locking arrangement makes the operator to lift the loading plate without fear of damaging the capsules.

With this machine one can fill 100 capsules simultaneously and the procedure for filling is also very simple and no training is required.

But while filling CAPSULES, you have to see that each capsule is filled properly.

This machine is meant for demo purposes and also for small quantity. It finds wide application in small industries and also very handy to Doctors, who are making their own capsules.

A versatile hand operated machine for various operations with levers is order of
1. plates for putting of capsule by hand
2. removal of caps
3. filling of powder by dispensing of brush pressing
4. fixing of caps and sealing
5. Injection of capsules.
Contact parts of stainless for 100 capsules of size 00

There are contact parts for 100 capsules in our Machine. So, it depends on the Working efficiency/Speed of the Operator, being manually operated machine.

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