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Measuring Method    : Cyanmethemoglobin
Measuring Range      : 0 - 30 gm/dl of Hb.
Dilution Ratio            : 1:25 I
Sample Volume        : 1 ml
Display                    : 3 Digit 7-Segment Red LED Display
Wavelength              : 546 nm
Keyboard                 : 3 Keys, Soft Touch Memebrane Type
Zero Setting             : Automatic
Calibration               : Automatic
Detector                  : Highly sensitive silicon photodiode
Power                     : 230 V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz
(L x B x H)               : 195 x 235 x 105 mm (Approx.)
Weight                     : 2.5 Kg. (Approx.)
Accessories: Matched Test Tube: (A set of 5), Spare Lamp,
Operation Manual and Dust Cover


Design & Specification Are Subject to Change As An Improvement Process With or Without Prior Notice


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